Posted on June 8, 2011

Simple composting

Hello, everyone While not able to find where to buy earthworms so we can make a more complex composting device, we are experiencing a simple composting in a large concrete vase that we bought to plant a lemon tree which has not yet arrived. It works like this: We keep peelings and scraps of raw … Continue reading

Cleaning & Nature cycles

Most people complain about their chores. It takes so long to prepare a dinner that will be devoured in a few minutes! Let the sink shining, and shortly after there is a cup, a dish, a spoon to be washed again. It’s a thankless job, is not it? Maybe, if we look through this point … Continue reading

Welcome to our backyard!

Welcome to our backyard! Make yourself at home. Like any backyard worth its name, this virtual one is a space for sharing. It will be our meeting point to tell the stories of a couple struggling to have a life a bit more sustainable within the reality of large cities. Perhaps we can not grow … Continue reading

Greening your lunch!

Ouch… MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT,  LETTUCE MEAT, MEAT, LETTUCE, LETTUCE MEAT, LETTUCE, LETTUCE, LETTUCE   Hey, folks! The deal is to vary your diet, and to reduce the size and quantity of beef. In 2010 Brazilians ate 5% more beef than in 2009. Last year each of us ate on average 83 … Continue reading

Saving water

  Have you ever noticed how much water is wasted on daily activities? To wash salad, it’s amazing how much water goes down the drain. At the suggestion of Dan we now use a bowl underneath, collecting excess water. These days I reused the water (called greywater), after sieving, to wash cleaning floor cloths. Today … Continue reading