Cleaning & Nature cycles

Most people complain about their chores. It takes so long to prepare a dinner that will be devoured in a few minutes! Let the sink shining, and shortly after there is a cup, a dish, a spoon to be washed again. It’s a thankless job, is not it?

Dirty sink - help!

Maybe, if we look through this point of view. But if we look at nature, everything is cycles. The moon and the seasons follow one another until the cycle and then start all over again. The entire web of life is made ​​of cycles. And it couldn’t be different at home, which is our human “ecosystem” .

In the rush of day-to-day entropy increases, and our house tends to chaos. But there is a human need to beat the mess and put everything in place, clean, organized, prepared to start a brand new day or week.

It is an arrangement of the external environment which reflects internally on our mood, making it lighter and ready for good news.

To inspire a good cleaning, some green tips from our backyard:

* Wear appropriate comfortable clothes
* Plan everything: materials needed, where to start, where to finish and what not to do (very important to not take more than thought)
* Play fun and inspiring music
* Look for green alternatives, like the slipper that cleans the floor while you walk (see photo)
* Instead of using chemical products and artificial flavors, get used to clean using baking soda, white vinager and essential oils.

Great green cleaning tips::


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