Simple composting

Hello, everyone

While not able to find where to buy earthworms so we can make a more complex composting device, we are experiencing a simple composting in a large concrete vase that we bought to plant a lemon tree which has not yet arrived.

It works like this: We keep peelings and scraps of raw vegetables in a tupperware, chopped, to facilitate decomposition. By filling the container, keep unopened in the refrigerator. Then simply mix with organic soil. Also add the residuals of pruning, like small sticks and dryed leaves.

If it works? Well, it seems so untill now. At least it doesn’t stink! Let’s wait for the processes to be complete and we’ll tell your the result.

Important: Remember to add water and turn the earth a few times a week.

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What should not go in the composter:
– meat (could give the compost a bad smell and attract unwanted insects)
– peel of citrus fruits (they have a natural preservative that inhibit decomposition)
– onion and garlic (they have antibacterial properties and may leave an intense smell)
– remnants of food cooked or seasoned (not recommended for mini-composters)

What should go in the composter:
– remains of raw fruit and vegetables
– dried leaves and pruning debris
– newspaper
– used tea bags and coffee filter

< Click here to watch videos on apartment composting >


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