Basil bouquet – decorating with herbs!

Basil bouquet

Like almost every woman,  I love decorating the house with flower arrangements. But flowers sometimes can be costly or hard to find. I always wished to be able to make an arrangement with flowers of my own garden, and nowadays I’m delighted to have some flowers planted in the garden of the apartment, so I can give myself that privilege from time to time.

But decoration doesn’t depend solelly on ornamental flowers and plants. If you have little space and is prioritizing the planting of herbs, they also can take the place of ornament. Once I made a lunch to celebrate the anniversary of my parents, and I used half red and yellow peppers as vases, arranging bouquets of parsley and chives. It was so cute!

Flowers of basil are  another great idea for decorating. They’re beautiful to make a delicate arrangement. Basil, if you have space, can grow generously and be filled with flowers. Some people say it is not advisable to let basil produce seeds, because it can die after this last reproductive effort. So what I do, is to collect various branches with flowers, and use it to decorate – and after that, to make pesto and freeze.

The herbs are triple benefit: decorate and perfume the environment, and then go enrich a plate!

Be creative, the possibilities are endless!


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