Green juice – by reader Gisa

Hello, everybody.

After my complaint about not being able to make a fair green juice, the reader Gisa kindly sent this recipe!

We haven’t tested yet, but it looks much better, at least it is flexible abou adding sugar and letting some greens out. Thanks, Gisa!

so here we go:
“My mother did it.. (always strong,) but we will learn to do it the way it is tasty and healthy.
Following my mother’s way of doing it, with possible adaptations

Juice of “light”:
.. slowly you can add a little water
4 cabbage leaves
1 / 2 carrot (chopped)
parsley or cilantro (green flavor) – * good for blood circulation
a bit of watercress (watch out! It’s really strong, don’t put too much)
broccoli (a little)
apple (chopped)
cucumber – * good for skin

All this should be beaten in a blender and strained. Let it rest over the night

We used to put flaxseed too…
You might also want to let some sunflower seed to germinate, and add the sprout to the juice.

I recommend adding orange so the taste  gets better .. and I put sugar, not my mother ..

The green itens I mentioned above are not a ‘must”, only  some is good enough). You have to test what is the best way for you.

Another tip is: You mith not like it at the beginning, but you get used to it. I speak for myself,  I could not even smell the juice at first.
You shoulg start with the cabbage and parsley, apple and orange already, then carrot. Lasltly the watercress ..

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