Posted in July 2011

How to plant: from scratch

Step-by-step for someone starting out to plant the adventure! You will need:      vessels      plate for vessels      pebbles or expanded clay pellets      coarse sand      land fertilized      seeds or seedlings 1) Make some holes in the vessel (if it doesn’t have already) to drain water. Place the pot on the plate … Continue reading

Slippers – daddy’s recyclable

On my last visit to my parents, I was surprised with this version of recycled slipper-shoe. Do you know that shoe no longer able to go outside, but which has adapted so well to your foot that you do not want to drop at all? How about turning it into a comfortable slipper for the … Continue reading

Recipe: Yummy Yam Ice Cream

The guest this week is Nadia Cozzi, nutrition consultant and author of the blogs Pure Food and Cooking. She suggested to us a healthy recipe for ice cream, ice cream made of yam! … That’s right, Yam! It gives the perfect consistency,  has no taste, so you can flavour at your will. It also has … Continue reading

Recipe of Omelet for real begginers

Hello everyone Before posting the startling yam cream of Nadia Cozzi, I had to post this here for a friend, who swears not knowing even to fry an egg. When he read the challenge of the month he complained. How could he cook more if he cannot handle pots and recipes? As a good programmer … Continue reading

Sustainability, people and hapiness

Hi guys, good night Today I’ll write a different post. For us, dreamers in our backyard, sustainability also exists in relationships. The statement may seem somewhat subjective, but believe me, sustainable relationships help us to find happiness. This week I’m working in Recife, northeast region of Brazil. Today when I was going to work, traffic … Continue reading

Brief notes while reading The Transition Handbook – on men and oil

An average american consumes 2 barrils of oil per month: One barrel is equivalent to 10.000 hours of human labour. So, each american would need to work 20.000 hours per month, or, 27 hours per day, no weekends. Wait a minute…..doesn’t a day have only 24 hours?! So, how did my grandgrandfather lived … Continue reading

Listen to your body

My mother always distinguishes what “she wants” and what the “body asks.” We even used to joke that her stomach had a personality on its own… (laughs). But the truth is that this wisdom of mother is absolutely right. Today I came back from lunch and planned to pass in the cafeteria to buy a … Continue reading

Quick bread recipe

Hello, everybody. One of the oldest things in catering is bread. Each culture has its way of making it, but they all have some kind of bread, a practical and versatile food, used almost every day to feed families around the world. In our society used to industrialized products, we have several options at any … Continue reading

Zucchini Soup by Lu Guilen

One more special guest for our festival! Today, Marilúcia Guilen (also known as Lu, from the blogs Adventures of Lu and Lu’s adventures in the kitchen). Her delicious recipes always has the participation of the character Rita Chips (Rita Batata Frita). The recipe she presents us is the zucchini soup. A great choice for our … Continue reading