Challenge of the month: Cook more, eat better

Every 1st day of the month Our Backyard will suggest a monthly challenge for you to meet.
They say to create a habit you need to repeat it for at least three consecutive weeks. So if you endeavor to meet the challenges for at least twenty-one days, you have great chances to finish the year with healthier habits, a more ecological and better quality of life.
Along with the ideas of our posts, we will try to give reasonable challenges, which can be met by all. Try it and comment, complain, celebrate.


The challenge this month is: Cook more and eat better!

[via Wikimedia Commons]


Since women started working outside home, cooking has become a rarity, a privilege of the weekends, at the homes of mothers, aunts and grandmothers. The girls (and boys too) hardly learn to cook these days, because they have thousands of activities (English, Spanish, swimming, ballet, etc.).. Each time we have less time – and more laziness – for cooking at home. We want something ready to grab and go.
But prepared foods or made in large quantities in restaurants will hardly have the special taste of freshly prepared food, made with love. They also tend to cause greater waste for scraps and pieces underutilized, and they are packed into a large amount of packaging.
Industrialized foods are made of cheap material, particularly fats, carbohydrates, other sugars and salt. To mask the lack of taste, they stuff food with preservatives, colorings and flavorings, including the dangerous monosodium glutamate, which pretends that the food has more taste than it actually has.

So, convinced that it’s worth cooking more at home? Rediscover the pleasure of being in the kitchen, enjoying the texture, color and flavor of each ingredient.

What is the  challenge? (be free to adapt to your possibilities, but try it)
• Try taking homemade meal for your lunch at the office. It can be a healthy sandwich or pie with salad.
• Prepare your own dinner at night at least three times a week. Try our practical and natural recipes.
• Sit down to eat breakfast every day before starting to work.
• Try to include five colors in each meal. It’s a fun and easy way to balance the nutrients.
To give a little help, Our Backyard will promote a festival of practical and meatless recipes for you to venture into the kitchen during the entire month of July! We will have special guests too, stay tuned!

Now excuse me, guys, I’ll make a chocolate and strawberry cake 😉

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