Brazilian pine nut pine

Pine nut pie

Hi guys, everything okay?

So, this week, we’ll have in Our Backyard a sequence of vegetarian recipes. And this is my turn.

Have you ever eaten brazilian pine nuts? Well, that is the seed of Araucaria tree (see pic below). It’s super common in the cuisine of Southern Brazil. In addition to very tasty, it’s super nutritious. If you can’t find it where you live, I’m sure you can find a way to replace it by other nut, since it gets softened after cooked.

Araucaria tree

On our trip to Caxias do Sul we brought a bit of those pine nuts. Usually it is eaten just cooked with salt, but there we found a very tasty cookie madeof the nuts. On Friday I ventured in the kitchen and tried to make these cookies but then I changed my mind and I ended up making nut pies! Check out the recipe.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to measures, so I guess you’ll have to use your imagination..

Place the pine nuts to cook in pressure cooker for 20 minutes after it gets pressure. I used 30 to 50 nuts. After cooking comes the most laborious part of the recipe: to peel the pinion. It took me 40 minutes using a small pair of pliers. After that, put the nuts into the mixer or food processor cup with a little olive oil. Mix untill totally crushed into tiny small pieces. Reserve the dough in a bowl. In the same cup put a medium onion, one egg and half a pack of grated cheese. Mix until it becomes like a soup. Add the mass of pine nuts, then parsley and chives, salt, a little more olive oil, pepper (season to taste). Mix well until smooth. I put the dough in aluminum molds used to make pies or quiches, without filling much. Afterall I filled some with cheese. Use your creativity: cream cheese, catupiry, cheddar, anything you want. Once ready, take  to the oven for 15 to 20 minutes until dough is golden. There it is, a nutritious and delicious and original tart. Serve it with a salad of arugula – here at home, it came from the garden.

As we say here, bom apetite!


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