Listen to your body

My mother always distinguishes what “she wants” and what the “body asks.” We even used to joke that her stomach had a personality on its own… (laughs). But the truth is that this wisdom of mother is absolutely right.

Today I came back from lunch and planned to pass in the cafeteria to buy a juice or a chocolate. But then I reflected a bit and decided that I didn’t really want it. It was sheer habit.

We do it all the time: follow what our head says, not what the body requires. And our head, sadly, has been polluted with bad habits, advertising, and psychological leaks. You know when you have to finish up a report and jump out of the chair all the time to drink water, coffee, pick up something in the fridge.. Pure escape. And when you eat a lot of popcorn at the movies, then feel stuffed? All fo that is exaggeration, mental will, not physiological.

And there are times, on the contrary, when the body asks for something specific. After a sickness of the liver, have you noticed that you have a crazy desire for candies? And those food desires of pregnant women? You may be surprised, but they are usually nutritional needs.

If we learn to listen to these messages will certainly have more health and be less wasteful. Following my mother example, we must learn to listen to the messages of our body. Not only for food but also in relation to rest, stretch, walk, sunbathe …

Photo: Gallery Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia


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