Sustainability, people and hapiness

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Today I’ll write a different post.

For us, dreamers in our backyard, sustainability also exists in relationships. The statement may seem somewhat subjective, but believe me, sustainable relationships help us to find happiness.

This week I’m working in Recife, northeast region of Brazil. Today when I was going to work, traffic suddenly stopped. Through the window of the van, we saw a large cloud of black smoke. A twin-engine plane of Noar company had just fallen in a vacant lot next to the avenue. We were shocked and startled by the scene, very sad.

I spent all day watching the news. 16 people died in this terrible accident.

To my surprise, the hotel had gathered the families of the victims. The company set up here a kind of base for the family, media and officials.

But what does all this have to do with sustainability, personal relationships and happiness?

Well, seeing people here at the hotel, sad, amid hugs and tears, came to my mind a thought that I will share with you.

“What you take from this life is the life you lead.”

What is this life that our generation is living, putting work and money as priorities, so every day we get as less time to give attention to family, our parents, children, friends, finally, we’re out of time to pay attention to the people we love. Unfortunately many people only realize it when they lose someone. And then they will carry long remorse and guilt for not having made other choices.

Interpersonal relationships, whether romantic, familiar or friendship, are like plants, need patience and dedication. Need to be watered, fertilized, cultivated each day with small gestures. We must attend to this mission and spend more time with loved ones. Stop and check: when was the last time you called your parents just to say hello and how are they? When was the last time you went on a walk and played with your son? When was the last time you surprised your  loved one as in the days of dating?

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The accident here in Recife made me wonder about things and call my wife and my parents.

Think about it, work the concepts of sustainability in your personal relationships. Take care, dedicate, be grateful, defend, love people, and the world will thank you.

To the relatives and friends of people who were on the plane, our sincere condolence.

Photos credits: Paggre / Pink Sherbet / Paulo Pace / Cambodia / Legends2k


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