Recipe of Omelet for real begginers

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Hello everyone

Before posting the startling yam cream of Nadia Cozzi, I had to post this here for a friend, who swears not knowing even to fry an egg. When he read the challenge of the month he complained. How could he cook more if he cannot handle pots and recipes?

As a good programmer (and he is an excellent professional, truth!), he said he could not deal with the imprecision of the kitchen: how much is a pinch? and a handful? and a spoonful to say exactly how much?

Well, Herman, as promised, here is a recipe step-by-step to one of the most simple and versatile in the kitchen: omelette!

1) Assemble the ingredients:

-02 eggs

-01 tablespoon of your favorite cheese, grated

-03 cherry tomatoes cut into 4 (diced tomatoes also okay)

-02 thin slices of onion

-04 basil leaves (can be a teaspoon of dried basil) or arugula

-parsley and chives (if you need a tutorial to poke, then I give up! *laughs*)


2) If the amount you use is different, will not go wrong. You’re making an omelette, not a sponge cake, do not miss it.

3) Break the eggs into a bowl. Look at the photo-tutorial on how to break egg!

4) With a fork, beat eggs, hitting the bottom of the plate and lifting the fork in a circular motion. Try. The important thing is the eggs are more or less homogeneous.

5) Heat a pan with a little of olive oil, and pour the beaten egg.

6) As it begins to change color (it will become more clear and opaque), add the other ingredients.

7) Use a spatula on the edge of the omelet, below, to carefully unglued. When the spatula to achieve omelet half, fold it.

8.) Cover for about 02 minutes and turn the heat to cook the filling.



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