Recipe: Yummy Yam Ice Cream

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The guest this week is Nadia Cozzi, nutrition consultant and author of the blogs Pure Food and Cooking. She suggested to us a healthy recipe for ice cream, ice cream made of yam!

That’s right, Yam! It gives the perfect consistency,  has no taste, so you can flavour at your will. It also has great nutritional properties. Worth a try, it is very easy to do!


Yam Ice Cream
500gr of cooked and peeled yam
02 cans of condensed milk
01 bottle of cream
01 teaspoon vanilla
Preparation: Mix everything in a blender, the base of the ice cream is ready.
Adding flavor:
Vanilla: in a blender Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla.
Chocolate: Add the blender 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder. If you want to make Chocolate Chic gender, place finely chopped almonds, walnuts, bits of dark chocolate, or whatever you prefer.
Fruit: Add the blender mixture of 1 cup of fruit juice of your choice.

My yam ice cream (photo) I made of basil, one of my favorite flavors. I incremented with chopped pekan nuts. It was delicious! I recommend for those who want to try something different. Garnish with basil leaves or flowers. But if you do not want to risk, or if you want the kids love to make chocolate.

Note: I prefered the “ice cream” not so iced, but just refrigerated, to get the consistency of a cream.


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