How to plant: from scratch

Step-by-step for someone starting out to plant the adventure!

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You will need:

  •      vessels
  •      plate for vessels
  •      pebbles or expanded clay pellets
  •      coarse sand
  •      land fertilized
  •      seeds or seedlings

1) Make some holes in the vessel (if it doesn’t have already) to drain water. Place the pot on the plate thus prepared to trim the water when you shower.

2) Place the pebbels or expanded clay pellets in the bottom of the pot, about 1 / 4 of it.

3) On top, place the same amount of coarse sand.

4) On top of that second layer, pour the fertilized soil (even better if fertilized with homemade organic compost !)

5) Finally, plant the seeds (note the instructions on the package, each plant requires special care) or their seedlings. In the case of seedlings, soil should cover up a little bit above where it divides the stem and root. Do not tighten around, or you will compact the soil and suffocate the poor one. Fluff just enough for her not to fall. There you go! Now just take care. In the case of herbs and vegetables such as lettuce, radicci, basil and so on, drizzle all day. And they need sun or at least good lighting in most of the day. About shadow and light, follow the general rule: dark leaves support shadow, pallid ones would rather light.


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