Challenge for august: Watch less TV!

– TV + time = quality of life.

Watch less TV!

An average Brazilian watches more than three hours of TV per day, one of the highest rates in the world. ( Worse than the time lost is what open TV offers to the Brazilian public.

Our generation is suffering every day with the lack of time. Now time has become a luxury item. Hours lost in traffic, we drown in overtime at work and when we get home we loose our precious leisure and family time and in front of the TV.

A friend of mine who is now about 53 years doesn’t like television, because before TV came in his house he and his six brothers had all a real familiar soiree everynight. There was a lot of music, conversation, food, in short, life existed in the house. After TV, it was all over, they were all quiet in front of the TV. That was over 40 years but the story still repeats. Families do not talk, the children do not learn from their parents, there is no exchange between the brothers because they are all quiet in front of the TV receiving an avalanche of useless information, consumption patterns, pre-defined moral standards, violence, in short, a lot of junk.

Here at home we chose not to have television. When we want to see a movie we rent it and watch in the computer. We choose what we let into the house. Without TV we have more time to take care of the house, plants, cooking, talking, reading, going for a walk, or simply live.

I know this is a radical decision but if you do not want to do that, there are easier ways to let go of the TV:

1 – Choose the program you’ll watch and commit to turn off the TV when it is over.

2 – When you’re watching your chosen program, hide the remote control. By zapping channels you will end up wasting more time.

3 – Use the timer to set the time that the TV will be turned on and off.

4 – Do not come home and turn on the TV immediatly.

5 – Remove the TV from the prominent place in your room. There are more interesting things to put in that place (how about a picture of your children or a plant) if it is elsewhere in the room will become the center of your community or family.

Try to put into practice these tips for 21 days. You’ll see it’s not that hard to live without the TV and in the end I guarantee you’ll be happier.

Believe it if you can decrease the time it is in front of the TV and will gain much in quality of life.


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