Call the kids to plant a tree. You’ll be surprised.

Dan & Henrique working together

Have you ever been reprimanded by a child for throwing rubbish on the floor or leaving lights on without necessity? If not, get ready. When you least expect some will you ashamed.

Every day, more schools are teaching children how to care for the environment. With simple guidelines the children are being educated in the concepts of sustainability. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, do not throw trash on the floor, turn off the light if noone is uising it, are some of the lessons that children are getting in schools and are gradually incorporating in their daily lives.

It would be even better if, in many homes, the children were not uneducated. That’s right, unfortunately many parents miseducate their children with the wrong attitude, setting a bad example and putting in conflict concepts learned in school.  A girl who lives with a consumerist mother  will certainly buy too much in the future. A boy who sees his father throwing garbage out of the car window, in the future, will probably do the same. Everything is about the practical examples that adults give to children.

With a disconcerting simplicity, children educated for sustainability have made many grown-ups embarrassed. Father, turn out the light! Mother, close the tap! Aunt, you bought another shoe! Children won’t forgive, will require attitude from adults, and this is very good.

Last Sunday at home we received a visit from my nephew Henrique, a very intelligent boy of 8 years-old. When he arrived I took the opportunity to make an experience. I called Henrique to check how things are going at our homemade composting.

– Home composting! What is this, uncle?

Okay, the door of curiosity was open. Tool in hand, he was moving the earth, placing the organic material and I was explaining how the homemade compost works. From there the conversation gone, on the importance of separating waste, the benefits that compost makes for the plants, and finally, in a light and funny way, I had the opportunity to inform him about important concepts of sustainability. He was so intesreted in the discovery and super excited about composting! I was gratified by the opportunity.

In short:

1. Beware of the examples that you give to the children close to you.

2. Try to involve kids with sustainable actions in their routine.

3. Plant along with the children a small seed, such as beanstalk, and follow the miracle of nature along with them .

4. Encourage kids to collect paper and plastic rubbish in a park or a square.

5. Call your child to water the plants and take the recyclables with you.

A hug.


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