How to use pieces of soap?

At home, we use every last drop of moisturizer creams, toothpastes and soaps. It’s ecological and economical.

It is quite easy to squeeze the tube of toothpaste and to cut the in the middle the pack of the moisturizer (my mother taught it to me and I was surprised how much product was going to be wasted!). But there’s nothing more annoying than trying to balance those little pieces of soap in the support and to catch them as they break into smaller tiny pieces and go straight to the drain.

Well, yesterday I invented a way around the problem: packing the pieces in a fine mesh, tulle or tissue type tnt. I reused one of those disposable hygienic caps that are used in industrial kitchens. You can make a bundle and embellish with a colored ribbon if you want to make it looks good. If not, just tie a knot.

Wet the package of soap pieced and the foam will overflow out through the pores of the fabric. You can use it like a sponge, which while clean, exfoliates the skin.


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