Slow Down, you move too fast…

Today Dan and I had what I call ‘a moment of consciousness expansion’.

We came from a tiring trip, with traffic that delayed us more than an hour. And our minds concerned about dozens of things to do. We have to post on the blog, we have to prepare a presentation, we have to pay bills, we have to plan vacations, we have to, we have to…. Things seemed out of control!

So Dan went on to enumerate the things we have in mind, and almost without hesitation, we listed 40 things that popped into our minds, or remained as a red alert at the bottom of memory, with an arrow indicating “solve”, “worry” , “initiate”. …. And sudenly we realized that the situation is not exclusive to us. Our brothers, friends and even parents also have at least about five projects going on at the same time, employment, study, family, volunteering, etc.

Of course it was not the first time we talked about it – and probably was not the last one. But this time we realized that it is a syndrome of our generation. We create technologies very fast, we deal with a lot of energy and data never before experienced by humans. …. Does our biological time or  (sound) mental capacity go for it all?

Maybe it’s good to stop and reflect: What are we doing to ourselves? And what we’re gaining from it?

There were never so many scientific papers published, but do they really bring a mature and useful knowledge? Children have a packed schedule of ballet, English, swimming, therapy, and how about playing? Well … we deal with a great complexity, which makes us into a tailspin.

Since sustainability must begin from within, we must reflect that maybe the excess of projects is not sustainable. A life is empty without ideas, but having too many open projects may not be healthy, and it competes with the most important projects to be done with due diligence.

So, friends, do not bother if we take longer to write on the blog, ok? It’s because we realized that the only way out is to reduce – not only garbage, not only consumption but also the mental pollution. And one way for it is slow down on the frequency of posts, and do it with even more pleasure instead.


2 thoughts on “Slow Down, you move too fast…

  1. A similar thing happened to me while on vacation last fall. I was in Colorado at 9,500 feet on the Sangre de Cristo mountains visiting a friend. Little radio, TV and cell reception. We hiked, attended the local festivals, read books, painted and sketched. After doing it all I got tired and wondered what else I should be doing. Then it hit me. When was the last time I just sat there and watched the clouds? Listed for the wind rustling the leaves? Looked at the mountains I almost never see anymore? So I did just that. I sat and watched the critters all round and without going anywhere or even moving from my chair, I saw so much.

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