Posted in September 2011

There and Back Again!

Pensou que eu não vinha mais, pensou, cansou de esperar por mim, Acenda o refletor, apure o tamborim, aqui é o meu lugar eu vim! (música De Volta ao Samba, de Chico Buarque) : D Hey guys, don’t hear from us a long time, ah? We’ve been on vacations backpacking, but now we’re back. Soon … Continue reading

Learning from the elders

Our parents always said we shoud listen to the elders. Our parents, grandparents, uncles, in short, the generations before us have much to teach us. In addition to experience about life, about sustainability too. Until recently there were more resilient communities. Past generations were less dependent on external energy. But we born in the era of cheap energy from fossil fuels and electricity available at a click, and we are not prepared for a period of rationing – which can happen in a not too distant future. In Dan’s parents’ … Continue reading

Challenge of September: take care of your garbage!

Does garbage exist? In nature, no. Trash is an invention of the human being. In nature, what is not useful for one living being is food for another. What remains in a process will start another process, in endless closed cycles. But we, humans, get gathered in cities and open the cycles, making them  linear open processes: production of … Continue reading