Bikes in Barcelona, Paris, London

Bikes in Barcelona

Hello, everybody!

During our wanderings and backpacking this month, one thing caught our attention: the amount of rental bicycles distributed in cities such as Barcelona, ​​Paris, Rome and London, as a form of efficient public transport. In Sao Paulo we know that the movement is beginning. Unfortunately, not yet here in BH, and here it will be difficult to work, because here we have plenty of ​​very steep hills.

But specially to coastal and other flat cities, as is the case of Barcelona, ​​the points to rent bikes are great. Each resident receives a card at home, with which you can buy credit to ride the bike all you want. At the time of use, you just have to pass the card in the reader to release one of the bicycles to use. The trump card is that the points are well distributed, about every three blocks in the busiest regions. Thus, near any place where you have to go there will be a point where you can leave the bike, the card automatically debiting the credit used. In Paris, the first half hour is free, so that short trips are simply “on track”!

Lovely, isn’t it? And it encourages people to adopt this vehicle more often. Many people, even having the option to rent, buy bikes for use in other cities or places less supplied with rental points. Bicycles and scooters are popular in Europe, carrying children and even the executive lady wearing high heels. They help to save space, greatly reduce traffic, save fossil fuels, emit fewer pollutants and transport people with safety and charm!


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