Bringing your lunch and snacks from home

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For some time I’m trying to post about bringing lunch from home … During our challenge to eat better and prepare yourb own food, I tried this with you.

I confess that I had a certain resistance about bringing  the lunch in pots to the work, but my view changed completely! Now I delight in bringing my own food, and I get upset when forget it. Everyday, before lunchtime, I used to wander by the campus aimlessly, unable to choose any restaurant or coffee shop to have my lunch – all food seemed bad, and even thinking of their smell and flavor gave me a bundle in the stomach! Now, bringing my own food, I feel satisfied, healthier and happier!

Check out the advantages of bringing your lunch from home, and get inspired!

1) You have the control over what you eat, you can make something healthier, according to your mood or special diet. For vegetarians, it is a wonder not have to keep asking if each item contains meat …

2) You do practice your creativity, sensitivity and skills in the kitchen. And you can avoid wasting, by using what was left from yesterday dinner!

3) You can choose a nice and quiet corner to enjoy your lunch instead of having a meal at a restaurant often cramped and noisy.

4) Even if you are not expert in cooking, you’ll be much less likely to get sick of you own seasoning, what would happen even if you go to the best restaurants!

5) You save money, do I need to talk more? : P You can also avoid disposable packaging!

Suggestions for practical, fast meals to bring for lunch:

– Leftover dinner 😛

– Grilled vegetables with soy sauce or cooked vegetables with creamy sauce

– Sandwich of tuna, grilled vegetables or egg-plant

– Macaroni or other pasta with tomato sauce and cheese

Now I like to take snacks for trip too. Since I payd $ 15 for a  horrible sandwich at the airport (half of it went to waste, I had no choice), I take my food also for travels whenever I can. Sandwiches, nuts, raisins, juice, yogurt are just great!

And when you are staying in hotels, a good choice is to grab some regional fruits at a grocery store. This way you can avoid to attack the room snacks, expensive and not healthy, and at the same time discover the local tastes of the places you are visiting!



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