Reflections on waste

One of the main challenges in our relationship with the trash is to change how we look at it.

Waste is a human invention. In fact everything serves for another purpose.

The organic material becomes food for plants. Packaging can turn into toys, organizers and containers for other things. The rest can be recycled by industrial processes.

In this month’s challenge, the most important thing is to begin to discover that this sense of disgust that we have in relation to waste is simply because we have adopted the habit of storing mixed waste, then seal it as it gets rot, and then send it to a landfill where unknown people have to deal with it.

Try to adopt the routine of separating organic and recycling garbage, and then compost part of your organic waste daily or weekly, and you will see that there’s nothing really disgusting about residuals,and your trash bin won’t even smell.

Try googling "home composting". You will be amazed how easy it is, and how many people have made ​​it a habit at home.

Here in our backyard, you can also read about by clicking on the tag "compost".

Later, we’ll give you tips on how to deal with recyclables, giving them new uses in your own home!

Photo: Cantinho das Aromáticas


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