Home composting with earthworms!

Hey, guys

As we promised, here is a post about how to build a home composting device using earthworms!

It’s important to say that the site http://www.minhocasa.com.br sells the device ready and settled, including the earthworms and a guide for instructions.


– 3 large, dark plastic boxes (buy a size adequate to your needs. We used boxes of approx. 40x20x60cm) – one of them with cover

– 1 small tap

– earth soil

– earthworms

1) Make plenty of small holes on the “floor” of two of the boxes, of approx. 1 cm of diameter.

2) In the box without holes, make a large hole on the size of the tap, and insert it.

3) Build the earthworm apartment with the box with the tap on the bottom, and the two other boxes over the firts. It’s important that the boxes fit well one on another, so there’s no space to let the earthworms out or other small animals in.

4) In the middle box, add the earth, the earthworms and a little organic waste

5) Add a little earth soil also on the top box.

It’s ready!

Now you only have to add vegetable scraps and other organic waste in the top box. Check te middle box now and then, revolving the soil. when you see the compost is ready – homogenous, dark – and you observe that the earthworms have gone, they have migrated to the top box, where there is plenty of food. Simply empty the midle box, use the rich compost to feed your plants, and take the box now to the top of the device., starting all over again.

(!) Don’t put scraps of citric fruits, meat, garlic or onion in your compost device. They have a hard decomposition, not suitable for small home-made devices, so you could end up with undesired insects and smell.

We prepared a video, but it is in Portuguese…if you’re interested, I can translate next week.

Good luck!

* See our other post about composting at home.


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