Posted in November 2011

10 smart tips to use water wisely

Hi, everyone! There we go with 10 tips for use water wisely at home. With minor adjustments and small changes in habits, we can save a lot of water, reduce the volume of sewage and help to preserve this precious resource. Let’s go to the tips, shall we? 1. Take faster showers. Everyone is tired of knowing that this is necessary. But you may not know that shorter showers – and … Continue reading

When is it time to replace your gadgets?

It was a happy friendship. My nokia traditional cell phone was resistent, practical, user friendly, and helped me to remember of things, got me in contact with my friends and family whenever I needed. I was starting to get a crush on the smartphones, of course. But I wouldn’t replace my old one for any … Continue reading

Charming packages made of margarine pots!

[this post was supposed to be posted yesterday! ] Hello, everybody! 🙂 To end our challenge about taking care of our “trash” (which is not junk!), we are posting pictures of my mother, Marilúcia Guilen artist (see her blog here). Inspired by ourchallenge, she created charming packaging  for souvenirs, made of margarine pots! Just clean well with detergent and hot water, rub with steel wool sponge until the drawing is off, and then decorate with scrap of cloth and ribbons. Fill with cookies, chocolates and brigadiers and please someone with this fabulous gift! 🙂 Great idea … Continue reading