Charming packages made of margarine pots!

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[this post was supposed to be posted yesterday! :/ ]

Hello, everybody! 🙂

To end our challenge about taking care of our “trash” (which is not junk!), we are posting pictures of my mother, Marilúcia Guilen artist (see her blog here). Inspired by ourchallenge, she created charming packaging  for souvenirs, made of margarine pots!

Just clean well with detergent and hot water, rub with steel wool sponge until the drawing is off, and then decorate with scrap of cloth and ribbons.

Fill with cookies, chocolates and brigadiers and please someone with this fabulous gift! 🙂 Great idea for the holiday season, huh?!

Another simple and  efficient idea is to use glasses of olive, palm and jam to organize the pantry. Instead of throwing them away and buy plastic containers, it’s much better to sanitize them well and use them to store popcorn, corn flour, cornmeal, etc.. Just leave the glasses to soak in warm water and scrape off the labels, wash and dry well.

And later, our challenge of November! Don’t miss it!


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