When is it time to replace your gadgets?

It was a happy friendship. My nokia traditional cell phone was resistent, practical, user friendly, and helped me to remember of things, got me in contact with my friends and family whenever I needed.

I was starting to get a crush on the smartphones, of course. But I wouldn’t replace my old one for any reason. We receive all the time publicity trying to convince us to replace old gadgets. Old is bad, old is outdated, old is not cool enough. But to be honests: do we need to have the best gadget on the market?

Anyway, there came the time of my old phone to go. I needed not only to communicate but also a GPS and a good calendar. Anyway, it was starting to have failures, so I made my decision. My samrtphone arrived last week, and the old cell phone will go for recycling.

The new one is great, full of features. But I must admit: I miss my old, simple dumb phone.

Moral: do not rush to replace your laptop, cellphone or other device for any each new version that comes into the market. The time to change is when the gadget really doesn’t fit anymore your needs, or, veen better: when it is broke.


One thought on “When is it time to replace your gadgets?

  1. I gave my Iphone away to my sister, it has a really nice camera on it but at the end of the day a phone for me is just about calling. It doesn’t need all the nice features.

    Besides I have a habit of dropping a brick phone on the ground a few times a day haha

    nice post, will make sure to wait a bit longer till they’re cheaper or a newer one comes out.

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