Happy New green Year! And Merry eco-Christmas!

Christmas lights are being installed on the facades of houses, panettone already appeared in supermarkets. Gradually we all go into the party mood!

It is a beautiful time, when people (at least theoretically) are more willing to smile, and gifting.

No matter what your religion, it is very likely that you have some sort of celebration this season. By zeroing the calendar, we feel a renewal. It is as if some parts of our lives turn out to be a blank sheet for you to rewrite your story as you wish: to be a more peaceful person, to take a healthier routine, to spend more time for you and your family, to have a more harmonious life with nature .

I have spoken here in our Backyard about the importance of renewal and cycles for humans.
And it is precisely this spirit of throwing away what was bad in 2011 and open new possibilities for good in 2012 that we must enjoy!

On the other hand, often the need to buy gifts, plan the logistics of the visits to relatives, shopping and preparing festive meals turn out to be a marathone, and often get us out of that essence. Christmas is often corrupted in its essence and becomes an orgy of consumerism. … It’s certainly not what you want, right?

So take a deep breath, open a smile and a cheer up! Our Backyard planned a special challenge forDecember to make their year-end holiday unforgettable, remarkable, and an opportunity to experience and share with your beloved green values ​​you believe more and more.
Let’s do it? Our challenge of December is: have an ecological Happy Holidays!

To get started:

1) Stop, look, listen, get a little time to be alone during this period. Remember all that you passed in 2011, both good and bad. Make peace with the mistakes and learn from them.Cherishing the memory of good and be inspired for the new year. Identify what your deepest values​​ are, your soul, your family, your health, a long cherished dream. Would you rather have time or money? Health or status? Remember to celebrate your true values ​​at the end ofthe year. The parties should be an opportunity to celebrate and share with people you love, instead of parading a new dress or give the most expensive gift. This is the transition of consciousness toward sustainability, from you to the world.


2) Make a nice “winter-spring” cleaning. Since it is time to celebrate renewal, nothing better than a mega cleaning, in every way! Put a comfortable clothing, cheerful music and clean the house for 2012! Open cabinets and closets, separate what you have not used for some months. A great tip is to separate what is discarded in piles:

  • A) Does not suit me, but is in excellent condition –  exchange for other equivalent items with friends and relatives, donate to those who need more or make small adjustments to give an ”upcycle” and re-use;
  • B) It is with small defects, but can be repaired – repair, send or donate them to an institution that could repair and give it a noble use;
  • C) Must go to waste – could it have another use? not? then goes to recycling. Remember that towels and old clothes can give excellent cleaning cloths.


3) Be creative! imagine and put into practice different ways to celebrate the end of the year, more environmentally friendly:

  • make your own Christmas cards with magazine clippings, old postcards and used packages
  • wrap your gifts with newspaper, magazine, or cloth wrappings and reuse tapes
  • buy organic for Christmas dinner, and look for regional and local ingredients
  • take the time to join the family around the stove, instead of buying canned, prepared the goodies together for New Year
  • decorate your home and party table with recycled objects
  • replace the traditional gift-giving for a fair exchange
  • give DIY or artisans-made gifts

Like it? Then you will like even more when we get into the details, show step-by-step instructions and photos!

And more! Since the parties are to celebrate and share in community, we invite you to submit your ideas too! Share with other readers who want to have a green holiday season and happy christmas!

See you next post!


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