Tips of green gifts for Christmas!

Do you still have to buy gifts for Christmas? Well, here are some eco-gift ideas for last minute runners such as me:

  • Give a service instead of a product (dinner, massage, theater or cinema tickets, etc.).
  • How about a giving a basket with organic products? Google the options in your town!
  • Treat your family and friends with something made ​​by yourself (cookies, chocolates, a collection of songs on CD, or if you are more skilled, artisanal pillows, home-made protective case for smartphone or HD, etc.).
  • If buying something will make you feel safer, value handmade objects
  • Avoid malls – you’ll make a good for you and the planet. Buy your gifts and souveniers in local fairs and markets.
  • Pack your gifts in an environmentally correct manner: use your creativity and reused tapes, paper magazine, newspaper, or cloth. … The possibilites are endless! We will give some hints on packaging soon!

Happy Holidays!

Photo: jimmiehomeschoolmom / Creative Commons


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