Ideas for green gift wrapping for this Christmas!

How about wrapping your gifts greener this year? This way you’ll be giving a gift to the planet and spreading the good seed of environmental awareness among your friends and family.

No ideas?

Well get ready. You won’t believe the beautiful ideas I found on the Internet!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

** Tips for wrapping gifts sustainably **

  • use newspapers, comic books, telephone books, maps and even leaves to wrap up your gift!
  • use tissues, on the Japanese style furoshiki. A step-by-step following the Youtube at the end of the post!
  • use packaging: cans, glasses, cardboard boxes and bags can be painted and capped as you want!
  • ask the children to draw on the back of brown paper or scratch paper, it turns into a lovely and original wrapping paper!
  • put all your love on it:  ribbons, sisal and labels  add a charming touch to finish your art! Reuse ribbons ironing them, they look like new!

Happy Holidays!

Learn furoshiki Japanese art of wrapping!



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