Posted by Dan Lima

Call the kids to plant a tree. You’ll be surprised.

Have you ever been reprimanded by a child for throwing rubbish on the floor or leaving lights on without necessity? If not, get ready. When you least expect some will you ashamed. Every day, more schools are teaching children how to care for the environment. With simple guidelines the children are being educated in the concepts of sustainability. Turn … Continue reading

Sustainability, people and hapiness

Hi guys, good night Today I’ll write a different post. For us, dreamers in our backyard, sustainability also exists in relationships. The statement may seem somewhat subjective, but believe me, sustainable relationships help us to find happiness. This week I’m working in Recife, northeast region of Brazil. Today when I was going to work, traffic … Continue reading

Brazilian pine nut pine

Hi guys, everything okay? So, this week, we’ll have in Our Backyard a sequence of vegetarian recipes. And this is my turn. Have you ever eaten brazilian pine nuts? Well, that is the seed of Araucaria tree (see pic below). It’s super common in the cuisine of Southern Brazil. In addition to very tasty, it’s … Continue reading

Greening your lunch!

Ouch… MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT,  LETTUCE MEAT, MEAT, LETTUCE, LETTUCE MEAT, LETTUCE, LETTUCE, LETTUCE   Hey, folks! The deal is to vary your diet, and to reduce the size and quantity of beef. In 2010 Brazilians ate 5% more beef than in 2009. Last year each of us ate on average 83 … Continue reading