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Breaking news: new blog, new posts, new tools

  FOLLOW OUR POSTS ON THIS NEW ADDRESS 🙂 Dear readers! You probably noticed that we haven’t been around very much. It’s because we decided to focus our efforts on the Portuguese version of the blog (Do Nosso Quintal pro Mundo). The thing is: we want to keep writing frequently, happily, and we weren’t able to … Continue reading

Cleaning the house for christmas!

Cleaning the house for christmas!

Do you know those days when you wake up willing to put the wardrobe down, to throw water and soap in the kitchen, to remove all the spiderwebs of the corners? It’s such a feeling of renewal that I talked about in the last post. Nothing better than cleaning the spaces to fill us with courage … Continue reading

How an actual green economy should look like

I hear a lot about green jobs, sustainable business, eco-friend products and so on. Most of the times, however, it’s just about people repainting old products, old businesses and old ways of working with a glowing “green” paint. Just because now it’s cool to be ecological. But I truly believe that a green economy should … Continue reading

Ideas for green gift wrapping for this Christmas!

How about wrapping your gifts greener this year? This way you’ll be giving a gift to the planet and spreading the good seed of environmental awareness among your friends and family. No ideas? Well get ready. You won’t believe the beautiful ideas I found on the Internet! ** Tips for wrapping gifts sustainably ** use newspapers, comic books, telephone books, maps and even leaves to wrap up your gift! use tissues, on the Japanese style furoshiki. A step-by-step following the Youtube at the end of the post! use packaging: cans, … Continue reading

Tips of green gifts for Christmas!

Do you still have to buy gifts for Christmas? Well, here are some eco-gift ideas for last minute runners such as me: Give a service instead of a product (dinner, massage, theater or cinema tickets, etc.). How about a giving a basket with organic products? Google the options in your town! Treat your family and … Continue reading

Homemade Panettone for Christmas party!

This recipe is more of Nadia Cozzi a contribution to our garden! How about making a homemade panettone (fruitcake), much tastier and healthier, to honor your family and friends this Christmas? Here it is this wonderful fruitcake recipe of @nadiacozzi for you! Homemade fruitcake ingredients: 1 / 2 k of flour, may be half white flour and half wholemeal organic 200g organic sugar 150gr of butter 4 egg yolks 3 whole eggs hillbilly type 250ml of fresh milk 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon orange juice (in place of the essence of giving panettone heartburn) 1 tablespoon lemon zest 1 teaspoon … Continue reading

Exchange it! Renew sustainably for the new-year!

Want another practical idea for an exchanging party? @franfran is promoting a fair trade for her friends to exchange clothes, shoes and other. Everyone gets a new look for the new-year and have fun, without spending a cent, and most of all: without wasting natural resources! Give the planet and yourself this nice gift. Inspire … Continue reading