Homes in Transition

Transition Homes

Have you already heard of Transition Towns, Collaborative Consumption, Cultural Creatives , Permaculture?

Those are just some of the main examples of movements that are rising over the world, spreading revolutions in very diverse aspects of human living, all of them converging to a more sustainable future.

Definitelly, we are living a (r)evolution, a transition to sustainability in practice.

The Transition Culture started in the inspiring locations of Totnes, UK. Rob Hopkins founded the movement, which now spreads around the world. It’s not always possible to engage a whole city in transition, so the movement has been adapted also for villages and neighborhoods.

But what if you don’t have yet a network strong enough to become a transitioner?

Or, even if you are a transitioner already, are your actions reflected in your daily routine?

We believe the practice of transitions for sustainability should start at our own homes. We must align our ecological values with our habits and actions.

In Our Backyard, we want to share inspiration for simple and systemic actions, so you can make your home a transition home.

Well, sustainability in practice should start at home, right?

Well said, but, depending on where you’re based in the world, perhaps you won’t have access to a wide range of organic products, or maybe you don’t have enough money to make a greenbuilding to live in. In this case you may feel a transition towards sustainabilitydoesn’t fit for you. Wrong: here we’ll give you inspiration to take easy steps, possible anywhere and for all.

Ii is important to notice that the actions here suggested are not valuable in isolation. What we do encourage is remodelling the way you think your housing habits. In a short time, your mind will naturally think of the best and innovative alternatives for each daily action.

If you have already started your own transition a home and want to blog about it, let’s talk about creating a homes in transition net – write an email for


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