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Home composting with earthworms!

Hey, guys As we promised, here is a post about how to build a home composting device using earthworms! It’s important to say that the site http://www.minhocasa.com.br sells the device ready and settled, including the earthworms and a guide for instructions. Material: – 3 large, dark plastic boxes (buy a size adequate to your needs. … Continue reading


Challenge of September: take care of your garbage!

Does garbage exist? In nature, no. Trash is an invention of the human being. In nature, what is not useful for one living being is food for another. What remains in a process will start another process, in endless closed cycles. But we, humans, get gathered in cities and open the cycles, making them  linear open processes: production of … Continue reading


“In nature nothing is wasted, nothing is created, everything is transformed” LONG LIVE TO COMPOSTING!

Hey, everybody! Last Sunday I could check how correct is this quote by Lavoisier (1760 ). There it goes a photo of the fellow and his wife. But what I really want to tell is about our composting, handmade, efficient, made in a pot and super simple. Just mix soil and organic waste in a … Continue reading