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How to plant: from scratch

Step-by-step for someone starting out to plant the adventure! You will need:      vessels      plate for vessels      pebbles or expanded clay pellets      coarse sand      land fertilized      seeds or seedlings 1) Make some holes in the vessel (if it doesn’t have already) to drain water. Place the pot on the plate … Continue reading

Basil bouquet – decorating with herbs!

Like almost every woman,  I love decorating the house with flower arrangements. But flowers sometimes can be costly or hard to find. I always wished to be able to make an arrangement with flowers of my own garden, and nowadays I’m delighted to have some flowers planted in the garden of the apartment, so I … Continue reading

Chicory attacked!

Urban people are funny. Despite being a biologist, I was shocked to my see my chicory was being inhabited by aphids! After the scare, though, I just washed with water and my own fingers to take off the animals. It seem to have worked, at least for now. Growing organic is worth it, but requires … Continue reading