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How an actual green economy should look like

I hear a lot about green jobs, sustainable business, eco-friend products and so on. Most of the times, however, it’s just about people repainting old products, old businesses and old ways of working with a glowing “green” paint. Just because now it’s cool to be ecological. But I truly believe that a green economy should … Continue reading

Ideas for green gift wrapping for this Christmas!

How about wrapping your gifts greener this year? This way you’ll be giving a gift to the planet and spreading the good seed of environmental awareness among your friends and family. No ideas? Well get ready. You won’t believe the beautiful ideas I found on the Internet! ** Tips for wrapping gifts sustainably ** use newspapers, comic books, telephone books, maps and even leaves to wrap up your gift! use tissues, on the Japanese style furoshiki. A step-by-step following the Youtube at the end of the post! use packaging: cans, … Continue reading

When is it time to replace your gadgets?

It was a happy friendship. My nokia traditional cell phone was resistent, practical, user friendly, and helped me to remember of things, got me in contact with my friends and family whenever I needed. I was starting to get a crush on the smartphones, of course. But I wouldn’t replace my old one for any … Continue reading

Simple composting

Hello, everyone While not able to find where to buy earthworms so we can make a more complex composting device, we are experiencing a simple composting in a large concrete vase that we bought to plant a lemon tree which has not yet arrived. It works like this: We keep peelings and scraps of raw … Continue reading

Greening your lunch!

Ouch… MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT, MEAT,  LETTUCE MEAT, MEAT, LETTUCE, LETTUCE MEAT, LETTUCE, LETTUCE, LETTUCE   Hey, folks! The deal is to vary your diet, and to reduce the size and quantity of beef. In 2010 Brazilians ate 5% more beef than in 2009. Last year each of us ate on average 83 … Continue reading

Saving water

  Have you ever noticed how much water is wasted on daily activities? To wash salad, it’s amazing how much water goes down the drain. At the suggestion of Dan we now use a bowl underneath, collecting excess water. These days I reused the water (called greywater), after sieving, to wash cleaning floor cloths. Today … Continue reading