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Homemade Panettone for Christmas party!

This recipe is more of Nadia Cozzi a contribution to our garden! How about making a homemade panettone (fruitcake), much tastier and healthier, to honor your family and friends this Christmas? Here it is this wonderful fruitcake recipe of @nadiacozzi for you! Homemade fruitcake ingredients: 1 / 2 k of flour, may be half white flour and half wholemeal organic 200g organic sugar 150gr of butter 4 egg yolks 3 whole eggs hillbilly type 250ml of fresh milk 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon orange juice (in place of the essence of giving panettone heartburn) 1 tablespoon lemon zest 1 teaspoon … Continue reading

Recipe: Yummy Yam Ice Cream

The guest this week is Nadia Cozzi, nutrition consultant and author of the blogs Pure Food and Cooking. She suggested to us a healthy recipe for ice cream, ice cream made of yam! … That’s right, Yam! It gives the perfect consistency,  has no taste, so you can flavour at your will. It also has … Continue reading

Quick bread recipe

Hello, everybody. One of the oldest things in catering is bread. Each culture has its way of making it, but they all have some kind of bread, a practical and versatile food, used almost every day to feed families around the world. In our society used to industrialized products, we have several options at any … Continue reading

Brazilian pine nut pine

Hi guys, everything okay? So, this week, we’ll have in Our Backyard a sequence of vegetarian recipes. And this is my turn. Have you ever eaten brazilian pine nuts? Well, that is the seed of Araucaria tree (see pic below). It’s super common in the cuisine of Southern Brazil. In addition to very tasty, it’s … Continue reading

Recipe: Banana Stew, by Neide Rigo

How about starting the week nicely?! We’re starting our recipe festival, to inspire you to cook more at home, to eat healthier and with less dependence on meat. Our Backyard invites today Neide Rigo, a nutritionist and author of the delicious (in every sense) Come-se blog. She recommends the vegetarian recipe of Banana Stew. A … Continue reading

Green juice – by reader Gisa

Hello, everybody. After my complaint about not being able to make a fair green juice, the reader Gisa kindly sent this recipe! We haven’t tested yet, but it looks much better, at least it is flexible abou adding sugar and letting some greens out. Thanks, Gisa! so here we go: “My mother did it.. (always … Continue reading