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Ideas for green gift wrapping for this Christmas!

How about wrapping your gifts greener this year? This way you’ll be giving a gift to the planet and spreading the good seed of environmental awareness among your friends and family. No ideas? Well get ready. You won’t believe the beautiful ideas I found on the Internet! ** Tips for wrapping gifts sustainably ** use newspapers, comic books, telephone books, maps and even leaves to wrap up your gift! use tissues, on the Japanese style furoshiki. A step-by-step following the Youtube at the end of the post! use packaging: cans, … Continue reading

Charming packages made of margarine pots!

[this post was supposed to be posted yesterday! ] Hello, everybody! 🙂 To end our challenge about taking care of our “trash” (which is not junk!), we are posting pictures of my mother, Marilúcia Guilen artist (see her blog here). Inspired by ourchallenge, she created charming packaging  for souvenirs, made of margarine pots! Just clean well with detergent and hot water, rub with steel wool sponge until the drawing is off, and then decorate with scrap of cloth and ribbons. Fill with cookies, chocolates and brigadiers and please someone with this fabulous gift! 🙂 Great idea … Continue reading

Children’s Day!

Hello, everybody! This post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but we’ve been experience some difficulty, mainly because our internet is not working at home! Anyway, better late than neverm right? Oct. 12 is the day to celebrate Children’s Day! Children are happy, creative, free, and have much to teach us! Always surround yourselves with children, they are good for health and for the spirit! … Continue reading

Challenge of September: take care of your garbage!

Does garbage exist? In nature, no. Trash is an invention of the human being. In nature, what is not useful for one living being is food for another. What remains in a process will start another process, in endless closed cycles. But we, humans, get gathered in cities and open the cycles, making them  linear open processes: production of … Continue reading

Slippers – daddy’s recyclable

On my last visit to my parents, I was surprised with this version of recycled slipper-shoe. Do you know that shoe no longer able to go outside, but which has adapted so well to your foot that you do not want to drop at all? How about turning it into a comfortable slipper for the … Continue reading

Simple composting

Hello, everyone While not able to find where to buy earthworms so we can make a more complex composting device, we are experiencing a simple composting in a large concrete vase that we bought to plant a lemon tree which has not yet arrived. It works like this: We keep peelings and scraps of raw … Continue reading